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The 21st Century is an era in which the welfare and prosperity of mankind
are directly linked to the development of science
and technology. Only those nations, cities, and businesses
that excel in advanced science and technology will be able
to take a leading role in driving forward a new civilization for all mankind.

Our organization, The World Technopolis Association (WTA), is
a multilateral international organization created with the purpose
to connect the advancement of science and technology
with local development, to achieve a shared development
through cooperation and exchanges among science cities.
As an international organization whose members are
mainly local governments, the WTA is planning to launch
a plethora of programs to promote the regional development
of the member cities and other science cities around the world.
We ask for your participation in our initiative, and
through exchange of science and technology,
we can together further the growth and development of
mankind in the 21st century.
We ask for your assistance and cooperation so that the WTA
can become an ever more successful international organization
that can contribute to the enhancement of science cities throughout the world.

Her, Tae Jeong
President of World Technopolis Association
Mayor of Daejeon Metropolitan City,
Republic of Korea

her tae jeong