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1. WTA Membership


The WTA consists of science and technology oriented local governments, universities, research institutes, businesses, or related organization and individuals.

Kinds of Members

Full members : local governments such as city, county, prefecture, province, and state.

Associate members : research institutes, universities, businesses and research organizations.

Discretionary members : individuals or organizations who agree with the WTA's ideal and mission, and intend to participate in the WTA's activities. [reviewed for amendment on April 26,2001]

2. Application Process

01 A candidate must properly complete the Application Form and submit it to the Secretary-General.

02 The Secretary-General verifies the information on the Application Form written by the candidate and prepares a written report about the candidate's suitability which shall be given to the President and the Executive Board.

03 The Executive Board reviews the suitability of the candidate and decides whether or not to accept the candidate. Should the application be approved, the Secretary-General shall notify the candidate of the decision in writing.

3. Fee

Full Membership Admission fee : US $3,500

Discretionary Membership Admission fee : US $2,500

Associate Membership Admission fee : US $2,000