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작성자   WTA                                           일시 2009-05-06 13:23:00
글제목  Technical Assistance on Regional Center for science and technology parks development in Iran

UNESCO-WTA Cooperative Project (2009-2)


Technical Assistance on Regional Center for science and technology parks development in Iran

11 - 19 MAY 2009



Within the framework of UNESCO-WTA Cooperative Project (2006-2010), capacity building and technical assistance on science and technology park development, UNESCO is establishing and sending expert-group to Iran to provide the country with technical assistance in science and technology parks development. The expert-group will conduct a feasibility study for creating a regional center for science and technology in Iran.

In particular, this technical assistance will be paralleled with the 5th National Sheikh Bahai Technopreneurship Festival which will be held from 14th to 16th May 2009 in the cultural and historical city of Isfahan in the heart of Iran. The event includes two competition and no-competition sections. It will be hosted and organized by Isfahan Science and Technology (ISTT) with the support and cooperation provided by UNESCO and the Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Iran. The objectives of National Sheikh Bahai Technopreneurship Festival include fostering the culture of creativity, innovation and technopreneurship.

Dr.Deog-Seong Oh (secretary general of WTA) is also requested to conduct one of the workshops of the event on “Global Experiences in Developing Technopreneurship”.


Draft Schedule (13-17 May 2009)


13 May (Wednesday)





09:45- 11:30

Meeting with ISTT authorities and ISTT presentation

Sheikh Bahai Bldg.

All 4 participants

11:30- 13:00

ISTT tour(labs, facilities, companies,…)

Sheikh Bahai Bldg

All 4 participants

14:00- 16:00

Feasibility study/ Experts Consultation meeting

Sheikh Bahai Bldg.

Malcolm Parry, Yoslan Nur, Deog-Seong Oh

14 May (Thursday)


09:30- 12:00

Attending the inauguration ceremonies of the National Sheikh Bahai Technopreneurship Festival


Abbasi Hotel, Abbasi Hall



All 4  participants






Abbasi Hotel


Erik Lindhult(conductor)

15 May ( Friday)

08:00- 12:00

Panel discussion on “ Global Experiences in Developing Technopreneurship”, including a  20- minute speech for each expert  followed by Q&A and discussion ( audience: managers of science parks and incubators)


Abbasi Hotel

Malcolm Parry, Yoslan Nur, Deog-Seong Oh, Erik Lindhult(major conductors: ErikLindhult, Deog-Seong Oh)


14:00- 18:00

Workshop on “Identifying the factors that make Technopreneurs more  vulnerable together with their success and failure reasons”

Abbasi Hotel

Malcolm Parry

16 May (Saturday)

09:30- 13:00

Attending Festival closing ceremony

Abbasi Hotel


17 May (Sunday)




Meeting with managers of private companies and Entrepreneurship centers and providing a training course (on innovation management and leadership and entrepreneurship in the company)




Erik Lindhult

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