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작성자   WTA                                           일시 2015-09-07 23:06:58
글제목  The INSMEAcademy: Globally Proven Expertise from International Experts

The INSMEAcademy: Globally Proven Expertise from International Experts

Since March 2013 the International Network for Small and Medium Enterprises - INSME has launched a new service dedicated to its Members: the INSMEAcademy, a webinar-based training programme offering one seminar per month on relevant topics related to innovation, creativity, entrepreneurial spirit, strategic partnerships and many others.

During the one hour webinar globally recognized speakers from all over the world offer inspiring insights and share their expertise with participants. Moreover a Q&A session at the end of the webinar is considered an added value both for the Speakers and the Participants as it gives the opportunity to brainstorm on the discussed topic.

Thanks to a great line-up of speakers coming from all over the world, since its launch the INSMEAcademy touched on a wide range of hot topics at the top of the international agenda, among them:

    - Crowdfunding in Europe - Funding Innovation and Growth for SMEs
    - How to Drive Innovation with Regard to Sustainability
    - Commercialization of Research
    - Strengthening Sustainability of SMEs through Resource Efficiency
    - Engaging the 21st -century workforce - Global Human Capital Trends
    - Islamic Finance A Case Of Alternative Financial Solutions: A Trillion Dollar Industry.

The INSMEAcademy was proven to be a highly appreciated initiative by the global community of innovation stakeholders as each session welcomes on average ca.60 participants from 35 different countries with an increasing trend. The INSMEAcademy is not only a useful tool to keep up to date on innovation trends and methodologies in the global arena; the interactive nature of the webinar format allows participants to comfortably connect from their offices and network with a balanced mix of innovation experts to establish long lasting business relationships and implement the innovative approaches learnt during the training session.

The next session of the INSMEAcademy will be held in September and more information available soon on the dedicated section of the INSME website. In the meantime the calendar of the sessions held is available here.

Given the consolidated collaboration with WTA (INSME Member) the INSME Team invites you to take advantage of an exclusive opportunity: 5 free passes will be put at the disposal of the WTA Community to take part in the upcoming sessions of the INSMEAcademy. To get your free spot please send an e-mail to academy@insme.it including the code WTA2015 and your contact details.

More information about the INSMEAcademy is available at this page or by contacting the INSME Secretariat at this e-mail address.


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