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작성자   WTA                                           일시 2015-09-07 23:07:35


Venue: Puspiptek - Tangerang Selatan
Theme: Sustainable Innovation
Contact person
Siti Irma Suryani ./ email sisuryani@yahoo.com
Eryda Listyaningrum / email erydafhui@gmail.com
Ira rahayu / email irasaptono@yahoo.com
Musni Ahyani / email losagreen@yahoo.com

Tangerang Selatan City was elected to be host of 10th WTA General Assembly

As members of WTA, Tangerang Selatan City in cooperation with Puspiptek prepare to conduct Tangerang Selatan Global Innovation Forum 2016 (TGIF 2016). The city will welcome for few hundred representatives of cities and countries to sharing about innovation.

The 9th WTA General Assembly that was held in Daejeon elected Tangerang Selatan as a host of that forum and 10th WTA General Assembly.. As members of WTA since 2010, Puspiptek, followed by Tangerang Selatan on 2013 and supported by local resource are hoping for held the great event.

This is the most important international event held in Tangerang Selatan city in long years. Moreover this forum will also show to the guest not only about potential local resources but also innovation technology that we have in Tangerang Selatan. Therefore, one of the event that will be held is youth creativity competition on innovation technology.

The most important substantive event is 10th WTA General Assembly that reporting on new members, financial statement / WTA activities, selecting on the new host city of 11th WTA General Assembly.

The agenda of the 10th WTA General Assembly will include the Global Innovation Forum, 27th WTA executive board meeting, the Mayors Forum, the University President Forum and the UNESCO-WTA regional workshop devoted to the Sustainable Innovation (theme). Besides, there would be held Kick Of Science and Technology Park in Indonesia, National Coordination Meeting on Association of Indonesia Municipalities, Exhibition, and Business Matching.

In addition, the participants have a chance to how the city is by joining the post tour.

The Tangerang Selatan As The Host of Global Innovation Forum 2016

Tangerang Selatan, with its problem and potential, is a city striving to become a smart city with knowledge-based economy as the main sectors to support creative economy. We are eager to learn from other parties which have already advanced in growing its economy based on innovation. Together with PUSPIPTEK, we have a plan to develop a science and technology park, which will have a function as a hub for innovation and creative economy initiatives. We also want to embrace more local governments, center of excellences, also private parties in Indonesia and in other countries as well, which is in line with WTA mandate, that is helping to connect science and technology with regional development, share prosperity by promoting mutually beneficial cooperation and exchanges among cities around the world and contribute to human prosperity through the advancement of science and technology. Therefore, we are delighted to be the host for the Global Innovation Forum in 2016.

Historical Outline

Tangerang Selatan was established through Law Number 51 Year 2008 on the Establishment of Tangerang Selatan Municipality in Banten Province dated November 26, 2008 in order to improve services in government, development, and social fields as well as provide capabilities to utilize regional potentials of the southern part of Tangerang Regency.

Description of the City

Tangerang Selatan City is located on the eastern part of Banten Province, the population is 1.4 million with the area of 147.19 square kilometers. It consists of 7 sub-districts and 54 urban villages with various area and shares border with Jakarta, the capital of the Republic of Indonesia; Tangerang City; Depok City; Bogor Regency; and Tangerang Regency. The population growth is more than 3.5 percent, high due to migration. The big population and high density require high capacity of the municipality in providing infrastructure and utilities.

Tangerang Selatan could be described as young city, It has urban characteristics, and is one of the satellite cities of Jakarta. Due to that, the municipality becomes a residential area and there are several big property developers providing housing and its facilities for the inhabitants. Many people live in Tangerang Selatan and work in Jakarta, so there are around 40 percent of the inhabitants commute everyday.

The city is closed to Soekarno-Hatta International Airport. The city has a significant number of Meeting, Incentive, Conference, and Exhibition (MICE) facilities and a variety of accommodation options. It is home to the Science and Technology Development Center (PUSPIPTEK), which is the country’s largest research center. With regard to the education, the city has two public universities and twenty private universities.

Economic Characteristics of the City

Since 2009, the economic performance of South Tangerang Municipality is quite stable, where the economic growth is always above 8 percent. The acceleration of economic growth was supported mainly by the transportation and communication; trade, hotel, and restaurant; and building sectors.

Interesting places

There are various interesting places in Tangerang Selatan. There are natural and water tourism objects like Situ Gintung. There are also shopping, culinary, and entertainment scenes. There are some historic sites and buildings with cultural values, such as monument, old cemeteries, and traditional houses that combine Chinese and Betawi cultures.


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